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Junior Fashion Designer

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Full time

This position is responsible for working on various aspects of the fashion design process under the guidance of senior designers.

How you will contribute:

1. Research and trend analysis

  • Stay updated on current fashion trends, styles, and industry developments
  • Conduct research on fabrics, colours, and patterns relevant to upcoming seasons

2. Sketching and designing

  • Create sketches and concept drawings based on design briefs or ideas
  • Assist in developing initial design ideas and translating them into visual representations

3. Technical design

  • Work with design software and tools to create technical drawings and specifications
  • Collaborate with pattern makers and sample makers to ensure designs are feasible for production

 4. Fabric and material selection

  • Assist in selecting appropriate fabrics, trims, and materials for the designs
  • Communicate with suppliers and vendors to source materials for prototypes and samples

 5. Collaboration

  • Collaborate with other team members, such as pattern makers, sample makers, and production staff, to execute designs
  • Communicate with client advisors and marketing teams to understand market needs

6. Prototyping and sampling

  • Participate in the creation of prototypes and samples
  • Provide input during fittings and make adjustments to designs as necessary

7. Documentation

  • Maintain organised records of designs, sketches, and specifications
  • Assist in preparing design presentations for internal reviews and meetings

8. Market and competitor analysis

  • Analyse market trends and competitor products to identify opportunities and challenges
  • Contribute insights to the design team based on market research

9. Adaptation and modification

  • Modify designs based on feedback from senior designers, clients, or production teams
  • Ensure that designs meet quality and cost standards

10. Learning and development

  • Stay informed about advancements in design techniques, software, and industry best practices.
  • Attend workshops or training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Bachelors in Fashion Design/Textile Design
  • Good technical aptitude and understanding of garment production
  • Comfortable with liaising with production teams
  • Good Excel and problem solving skills
  • Good communication and project management skills
  • Ability to work independently and/or collaboratively with other groups, as necessary
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks


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