All applicants applying to Zuria Dor are required to fill out the form below. The recruitment team will review the received responses and shortlist applicants for further hiring procedures. Placements will be matched based on company needs and strengths of an applicant.


How long does it take to hear back after submitting the CV?

Only shortlisted applicants are processed for a screening call and an in person interview.

How is my application processed?

STEP 1: Application

At this stage your CV/portfolio is assessed against skill set, experience and relevant job openings.

STEP 2: Phone call screening

If your profile is a good match, you will be scheduled a phone screening call. This allows us to ask you further questions about your CV and for general assessment.

STEP 3: In person interview

Only shortlisted applicants who are successful with the phone screening call are invited for an in person interview.

STEP 4: Onboarding

Once you’re offered a position, you are required to submit identification documents and sign all documents relevant to the contract.

Is my CV kept on file for future consideration?

Yes, we keep all submissions on file and periodically review them against new openings. If we are interested we would ask you to resubmit your latest CV for review.

The career I am interested in is not on the website, how do I submit against my field of interest?

Current vacancies are listed on the Career Opportunities page. If you do not find the position you are interested please use the form above to submit your interest.