ADDRESS: Kashmir Road, The Mall, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

Our office gates are located at the end of the single road which is opposite Gate 3 SNGPL on Kashmir Road. After 250 feet you will reach the black gates of our office, vehicles are able to come inside.

PHONE: +92-323-477-1355

OFFERINGS: Bridals, Formals, Fusion, Bespoke, Consultations

Our headquarters located in the ancient city of Lahore in Pakistan are home to our showroom, manufacturing and design facilities. 60 specialist artisans on-site co-create heritage craftsmanship mixed with contemporary design knowledge. Together, the designers and artisans, explore local roots to reinterpret and re-tell stories of South Asian identity.

People who have visited us observe that the tree in our courtyard is a symbol of nature standing tall and proud. That our space, even though located in the heart of the city, is as quiet as wearing noise cancelling headphones. And that the peacocks that roam the courtyard are majestic beauties that make hearts fill up with warmth, reflecting the unparalleled standards of curated design, service and experience that Zuria Dor is reputed for.

We invite you to come and join us and be warmly welcomed by our specialist team.