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Creative Marketing Specialist

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Full time

As a creative marketing specialist in a luxury fashion brand, your role would encompass various responsibilities to uphold the brand's image and drive engagement with its target audience.

This position with the guidance of the CreatoveLead will help foster the aesthetic vision for the brand with a deep understanding of the brand DNA and strategic vision. This position will have significant cross-functional influence, contributing to a cohesive brand evolution across marketing.

How you will contribute:

  • Campaign Development: Contribute to the conceptualisation, development, and execution of creative marketing campaigns that align with the brand's luxury positioning and resonate with its target demographic.
  • Content Creation: Produce high-quality, visually stunning content including images, videos, and graphics, ensuring they reflect the brand's aesthetic and values while adhering to industry trends and best practices.
  • Brand Messaging: Work closely with the marketing team to refine brand messaging and storytelling, ensuring consistency across all communication channels and campaigns.
  • Social Media Management: Manage the brand's presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Identify and collaborate with influencers and brand ambassadors whose aesthetic and audience align with the brand's values, fostering partnerships to amplify brand reach and credibility within the luxury fashion space.
  • Event Coordination: Assist in the planning and execution of brand events, including fashion shows, product launches, and experiential activations, ensuring they reflect the brand's luxury identity and create memorable experiences for attendees.
  • Market Research: Stay informed about industry trends, competitor activities, and consumer preferences within the luxury fashion market, using insights to inform marketing strategies and campaign development.
  • Collaboration: Liaise with cross-functional teams including design, client advisory and digital marketing to ensure cohesive brand messaging and execution across all touch points.
  • Performance Analysis: Monitor and analyse the performance of marketing campaigns and initiatives, leveraging data and analytics to measure success, identify areas for improvement, and optimise future strategies.
  • Brand Partnerships: Explore and cultivate partnerships with complementary luxury brands or lifestyle entities to enhance brand visibility and appeal to new audiences.
  • Budget Management: Assist in managing marketing budgets, ensuring resources are allocated effectively to support strategic initiatives and maximize ROI.
  • Creative Direction: Provide input and guidance on creative direction for marketing materials, campaigns, and visual assets, ensuring they align with the brand's identity and resonate with its target audience.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or related field.
  • 1-2 years of experience in marketing, preferably within the luxury fashion industry.
  • Good creative skills with proficiency in content creation and design tools.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and derive insights.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and trends.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.
  • Collaborative team player with attention to detail.
  • Ability to adapt.


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