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Article: Rung Event SS20

Rung Event SS20

Rung Event SS20

Spring. Rung. Fun.

The time of year when everything in nature promises new life and new hope. As humans, how we operate our lives is completely depended on the seasons. Nature, after all, has a profound influence on our moods and general well-being.

Lahore, a city famous for its gardens, has hosted spring for centuries; a celebration that is part of our DNA. And so in 2020, we wanted to celebrate spring in our own Zuria Dor way.

As a brand, we strongly believe in the well-being of the mind. Playing, laughing, singing, dancing…these are the things that flood us with all those happy happies. Without fun, even fashion would start looking dull.

And with that…spring, welcome back. We missed you. Winter was tough.

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