About Us

Zuria Dor is a contemporary brand co-founded by two young Pakistanis with backgrounds in product design engineering and aerospace engineering. The philosophy of the brand is to think globally and act locally. 
Zuria Dor is headquartered in the ancient city of Lahore in Pakistan and focuses on design and cut alongside hand crafted embellishment and embroidery techniques. The brand works largely with natural fabrics, practices sustainability and prioritises the welfare of its employees.

Zuria Dor has a vision of reinvesting in the workforce by providing technical and English language classes, extending health insurance to families and organising subsidised education for the children of its staff members. The brand is aware that the fashion industry is not cushioned from the threats of the world’s future including vulnerable economic conditions, wealth disparities, shifting consumer behaviours, resource scarcity, climate change etcetera. Keeping the future in mind, the brand is striving to position itself against all such challenges, protect the environment and improve the lives of the customers, workers and suppliers.