Established in Lahore, Zuria Dor continually pursues excellence and the very best in design and craftsmanship, striving to set new standards of quality by fusing tradition and modern luxury. We create products that remain true to the values of the brand that confirm our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality.

Kinza and Madiha Latif have given women a unique and strong voice in a crowded market. Their sensibility of the female form and ability to create a modern and unified identity across all categories has propelled the Zuria Dor brand into international success.

Madiha Latif

Kinza Latif

Zuria Dor is devoted to ensuring that craftsmanship is nurtured and that the skills are not only passed on but also developed and modernised. The shared knowledge of fine craftsmanship and design innovation is vital for our industries to move forward enabling social sustainable growth.

We are aware that the fashion industry is not cushioned from the threats of the world’s future including pandemic disruptions, vulnerable economic conditions, wealth disparities, shifting consumer behaviours, resource scarcity, climate change etcetera. Keeping the future in mind, we are striving to position against all such challenges, protect the environment and improve the lives of the customers, workers and suppliers.