Sedra Jundi & Victoria Srivastava

SKU: ZD-1183

Forest green sari designed in velvet and chimose silk. Densely packed floral pattern and patching on the palu is crafted with intricate hand embellishment filled with crystals, sequins, pearls and zarzodi; heavy motif spray all over the saree. Ombre dyed chimose silk pleats compliment the richness of the velvet palu. 

8-12 weeks delivery time.

The time it takes to create a Couture piece is dependant on the complexity of the design. Bridal pieces can take 12-18 weeks, and Formals can take 6-8 weeks. Our Client Advisors will be able to give you an accurate date when you place your order. 

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Zuria Dor pieces are made using the finest of materials and specialist techniques. 
Iron with care. Dry clean only.

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